Monday, April 19, 2010

This Little Girl

This Little Girl
~*is our smallest (but not youngest) child*~
~*has the BIGGEST personality of anyone you will ever meet*~
~*could talk to a wall about ants for 20 minutes*~
~*uses "shanipoo" to wash her hair*~

This Little Girl

~*never meets a stranger*~
~*loves to have her hair in ponytails*~
~*can recite Ephesians 6:1, James 1:22, and Joshua 24:15 word for word*~
~*loves the color pink*~
This Little Girl

~*is the spitting image of her momma*~
~*LOVES going to school*~
~*can eat her weight in Vienna Sausages*~
~*knows to bat her eyelashes when she wants something*~
This Little Girl

~*makes it her business to turn on every light in the house*~
~*shares a bedeiom with her little sister*~
~*sits on her knees in her chair at every meal*~
~*loves some sweet tea*~
This Little Girl
~*begs to wear lipstick*~
~*loves to watch Biggest Loser and eat popcorn*~
~*loves being tickled*~
~*recently told her Daddy that she wants to "kiss lots of boys"*~

But for tonight
This Little Girl is still just a little girl.
She's my little girl.**
And I couldn't be more proud of her!

**While she is my little girl, that picture is certainly not of me. But as I was running across old pics tonight I found this one of my aunt, and I loved it! So congrats, Aunt C, you get bloggy time tonight! Love you! :)


Crystal M. said...

VERY CUTE!! She is so sweet!!

Grandmommy said...

Yes, she does love to wear lipstick,as I discovered Friday night when she went missing for a short time. She came back in the kitchen with a nice shade of Sienna on her lips (mouth). We did find a light pink polish for her nails. Good picture of Cheryl.