Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 1: Part 1 ~ Flyin' High!

That's right. Day 1, Part 1. I told you I was gonna be bloggin' for weeks about our trip!

Ahem. So anyhow.

On the 23rd, we headed to Memphis International Airport at 5:30 to catch our plane to Disney! It was a first for the kids and they were so excited!!
We made it through check in, security, and on to the gate fairly easily. Actually, aside from Elysa's screaming fit about taking her shoes off to walk through security, it was all surprisingly easy! I haven't flown since September 11, so I was completely expecting to be pat down, wanded, luggage rummaged through, and everything else, but none of that happened. They didn't even ask us to open our carryons! It was a very pleasant experience. We saw our plane as we walked towards the gate. Of course, I took a pic. LOL!
And we stopped some random passenger to take our group pic in front of the plane. She obliged, although I think we stopped the wrong passenger. She apparently didn't have much experience in taking pics. Or maybe she did. She might just like having her pics off centered. ;) But it's a great picture of us, so who's complaining, right!? =)
Shortly thereafter, we boarded the plane which was the exact moment that everyone on board knew we were on vacation and that we were rookie flyers. I was a picture taking momma! I know I had to annoy everyone around me. lol!
Dylan preparing for takeoff:
Bryan anticipating the flight:
Lydia cheesin' for the camera:
Elysa getting ready to land. Gotta make sure "HeHaw Cowboy" (Woody) gets there safely too!
And we did get there safely. All 7 of us. And HeHaw Cowboy! Keep in mind that Elysa brought Bryan's "Woody" doll with her from home and watch in the pics to come and see how many he is in. It helps build the scene for the coolest story about what Woody and Buzz did for our kiddos! Be sure to check back so you won't miss it!! It was so. neat. :)
'Til then...Toodles!!


Amanda said...

I'm glad you took so many pictures!!! I can't wait to read more of your adventures. How sweet you all must have looked boarding the plane. Luke may have a new interest in Elysa since they both have a thing for Woody and Buzz :)

Crystal M. said...

Well so far a great start to you trip. I cannot wait to read more!!!

Crystal and Eva