Monday, May 10, 2010

It will only take about 27 more years.

But, if we continue at the rate we're going, we will have celebrated every day in May as a Mexican holiday with our dear friends, the Noes, in about 27 years!

It's a tradition we started back in 2007, when we took our families out to dinner together on a day that, by freak chance, happened to be Cinco de Mayo. Since then, we have not been able to get our schedules right since. Which is totally fine with us.

Because in 2008, we celebrated el Cuatro de Mayo with the NoeFour and then in 2009, we celebrated el Nueve de Mayo with them. But this year...this year was the biggest celebration to date. Tonight we celebrated el DIEZ DE MAYO! Aye, Aye!

That's right, my friends, we are venturing out into double digit territories, here. DIEZ ~ 10 ~ de Mayo! You know what happens on Diez de Mayo? Well, let me tell you. You ready for this: On Diez de Mayo, you will find the exact. same. thing. that happens on Cinco de Mayo. People eat Mexican food. I know! I was equally as surprised to see that we were not the only ones bending the rules a bit. But that's neither here nor there, so let's move on, shall we?

This year's festivities had much to be compared to considering that last year Mamacita celebrated her birthday more than a month early with a mariachi band wailing in her ear and serenading over her sopapilla.

But we were able to create new, more toned down memories this year. All we needed was a hat. No, no. A sombrero! And of course, a great group of friends!

And while we're on a post titled, "It will only take 27 more years"...I'm beginning to think that could be the case for me understanding blogger and it's layouts. Seems like if the picture isn't BIG and "centered" then they just place it wherever they find a spot that it'll fit. Arg! I give up for tonight. It's late and as I look at the clock I realize that it is no longer diez de mayo! Once de mayo will be here before you know it! Thanks for stopping by! Goodnight!!


Mrs. C said...

I think these pictures are great, and I love that you celebrate it on any old day you choose! Probably a better idea since everyone else is clogging up the restaurants on May 5th. Love the pics! That annoyed me with blogger, too. Part of the reason I said good bye to it.

Grandmommy said...

Doesn't matter the day Mexican food is fine anytime especially with good friends. A day out of the kitchen doesn't hurt either. Looks like fun!

Crystal M. said...

Great pics and looks like a great time!!!

Anonymous said...

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