Friday, June 11, 2010

"Thank you, God, for my new glasses so I can see."

7 years has flown by, and if it wasn't for all the pictures I take, I would hardly be able to remember the many milestones. It would all be such a blur. 7 blurry years. Unfortunately, for our son, the past 7 years has been nothing but a blur in the most literal sense.

For many months now, Dylan has told us about having trouble seeing the chalkboard at school and I would just write it off as him wanting a little extra attention. Then on Sunday at church, I slipped out for a moment and I asked Dylan to write down any preaching points I missed while I was out of the sanctuary. When I returned, I noticed that the preacher had preached through two more points and Dylan had not written down anything. When I asked him about it, he told me that he couldn't write it down because he couldn't see the screen. This led me to realize that he more than likely was not needing extra attention at all. He needed glasses!

Today, I took Dylan to the optometrist and as I sat and watched him struggle through the eye exam I felt absolutely horrible. He couldn't even see the first row of letters! How horrible that I didn't take him to get checked out sooner! Hello again, Mother of the Year! :(

After his eye exam, we learned that he is very near-sighted and his prescription for his glasses was more than double what mine is! The doctor explained that everything he sees from a distance has probably all been a blur for him and that he needs to wear his glasses at all times, unless he is sleeping or "rough-housing".

Suddenly the straight A's he received on his last report card of the year has become all the more impressive! He went all year without being able to see the chalkboard at school (his mother's fault) and still managed to swing all A's!!
Anyhow, we took him to get his glasses and we shopped for 2 HOURS! He was worse than a girl! Hehe! It really wasn't that bad at all. Aside from feeling extreme guilt for making my son go all year with fuzzy eyesight, I had a really fun time shopping with my baby for those "perfect" glasses. We went to 3 different stores before we found some we both liked!
The lady who helped us pick out his glasses was amazing! She was so patient and when she saw his prescription, she even told us that that was the exact same prescription she had, which was great because she was able to describe to me what she (and my son) see through their eyes!
And then tonight, as we said our bedtime prayers, Dylan prayed "Thank you, God, for my new glasses so I can see."
Oh, how I love this sweet boy!!!


Stephanie said...

You look SO HANDSOME in your new glasses! LOVE them!!!!

Grandmommy said...

Grandmama, Aunt Cheryl, and I are reading your blog from Branson. Dylan looks great in his new glasses and he looks so much more confident. I, too, got my glasses in the 3rd grade. Can't wait to give him a hug. Love you, Dylan.

Amanda said...

What a cute guy!!! I also had to get my first pair of glasses in third grade. Mine started out just for reading books, then my eyes changed their mind and went for not being able to see the chalkboard. I can't wait to see what his report cards say next year! We are all so proud of how sweet and smart Dylan is.

Crystal M. said...

What handsome young man!!

Vincent Davis said...

Way to go, Dylan! It sure is tough to get straight A's with a blurry vision. The glasses you guys picked are perfect. So, how is he doing now? I bet his vision is getting better. =)