Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow ~ A Countdown of Sorts

Ever heard that your child looks just like you and think "no way" but then see pics and realize that he/she really does look just like you? That was the case with me back in May 2009 when I posted these pictures of me and Lydia:

Awe! How cute is that, right?

Well, recently while cleaning out the garage, I ran across a few pics of myself from wayyyy back when and have decided that this is the last of my sweet daughter and I looking alike. I'm taking matters into my own hands. No more looking alike.

What am I talking about you might ask. Well, I have composed for your viewing pleasure, or for your daily laugh~whichever the case, a short countdown of reasons why my daughter and I will cease to look alike in our childhood photos from the age of 4 & beyond.
Those reasons are (in no particular order):

Reason # 8: The Bowl Cut. A haircut that was never intended for girls.
Reason # 7: The poof-top-side-wing-flyback. A haircut that was never intended, period! LOL!
Reason # 6: The "Look Mom! No Hands Hair!" Enough said. (Does anyone else think there is a resemblence between Bryan & me in this picture?")
Reason # 5: The Mullett Perm Combo. I don't think anyone sported that combo as well as I did. Come to think of it, I think I was probably the only person to have ever sported the mullett perm combo!
Reason # 4: The Hot Mess. How else could you define this style?
Reason # 3: The traditional mullett. Just wrong on so many levels.
Reason # 2: The traditional mullett. So wrong, in fact, that I had to include it again in my countdown because apparently it was one of my favorites!
And finally.

Reason # 1 as to why I will have to insist that my daughter not follow in her mother's fashion footsteps: The Mix-N-Match Chop Chop. A haircut perfect for those who can't really decide what style they want. This bargain cut comes complete with miniature bangs (perfect for spiking), lady sideburns and the long layered look in the back. This style combined with the high water jeans, the braces, and the siler slap bracelet creates a look that is sure to have you nominated as "Best Dressed" in your class! Don't be jealous! ;)
So take a good look now, fellow bloggeranianites as the days of my sweet daughter and I looking alike are coming to a close. (that's me~at Lydia's age~ in the center on the back row):

Monday, July 26, 2010


And the livin'

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy *Belated* 4th!

I just realized that I never posted anything about the 4th of July! But we celebrated. I'm just a horrible blogger.
We celebrated with each other... And with co-workers...
And with fireworks.

Lots and Lots

of fireworks!
Hoping everyone had a happy 4th of July with good food, great friends, lots of fireworks and tons of fun!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Disney Day 4: Part 1 ~ Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios. Day 4. The Day that will forever be remembered as "Remember that one time, at Disney...."

Every memory that our children carry with them from our Disney Vacation somehow revolves around this theme park. It isn't the biggest. It isn't the most "magical". But it was the most comfortable park for us. There was something for everyone and we all had a blast!
We started by getting our money's worth out of the Photopass Photographer by posing for this little family snapshot. Before immediately turning around and making a mad dash for the Hollywood Tower of Terror you see in the background. In the days and weeks and months leading up to our vacation, the Tower of Terror was Disney. Everyone was talking about the TOT, how tall it was, how fast it dropped, how many stories it fell, how tall you have to be to ride it, etc, etc.
After we rode Tower of Terror, we got fastpass tickets to Aerosmith's Rockin' Roller Coaster. 0 to 60 in just a matter of seconds. And it climbed the charts as one of our favorite Disney rides in the same amount of time! We ended up coming back and riding it several times throughout the day.
We made our way through the park taking in the scenery, the shows in the middle of the street, the floats and the parades...
Before settling into our seats for the Beauty and the Beast show.
We got there very early and got third or fourth row seats! Well worth the wait! Everyone enjoyed the show. It was quite impressive!
We left Beauty and the Beast and headed back to use our Rockin' Roller Coaster fast pass tickets and the little kids took advantage of the down time to rest their little feet and have a snack.
Then it was off to the Lights, Motors, Action Extreme Stunt Show. All I have to say is that these Disney folks know how to entertain a crowd! Even us girls enjoyed the show. These cars were skidding on two wheels, spinning in circles, turning down alley ways at mach speeds & jumping over semi trucks. People were falling from buildings, laying down motorcycles & catching on fire! They even got members from the audience involved in some of the stunts. To say it was impressive would be an unjust understatement!
After the stunt show, we ::sigh:: took another bathroom break. I just simply cannot blog all the bathroom breaks we took because, well, how fun would that be to read? But we did. We used the bathroom in Hollywood Studios. A lot.
And, of course, we posed for a few camera shots.
We rode a few more rides, like the Star Wars ride.
And David wandered off and got lost. And then when wandering back, he got delayed by a parade which he decided to stop & take photos of. Too bad the rest of us missed it! :)
Once we were all reunited, we headed towards our dinner reservations at Mama Melrose. The restaraunt was delicious compared to our Tusker Huuse visit the day before, but it was still a little too fancy for our liking. Uncle Thomas ordered the "Sausage and cheese platter" and this is what he was served.
You can tell by his expression that he was just dying to dig right in! LOL! And the kids ate okay, although they probably would have eaten better if they weren't so incredibly exhausted!
Luckily, after dinner, they all perked up a bit! Because there was still a lot to do, including meeting Woody, Buzz & Andy which I wrote about here and more that I'll write about a little later. But for now, I feel about like this sweet pic of Lydia. So, until next time: Toodles!


It's a secret!
What's not a secret, however, is how very much I love my (not-so-new-anymore) camera. I was able to take this sweet little snapshot from all the way on the other side of the yard!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Disney Day 3 ~ Animal Kingdom

Day 3. Animal Kingdom. Success! We had a great day at Disney's Animal Kingdom, we saw a lot, did a lot, had lots of restroom breaks and minimal tantrums.

Our first stop in Animal Kingdom was to get fast pass tickets for Expedition Everest. After that, it was on to Kali-River Rapids. One of Bryan's favorite rides in Disney!
The stand-by line was not too long when we got there, so we decided to wait.
Elysa was sound asleep, so Uncle Thomas waited with her while the rest of us rode the rapids.
Everyone loved the ride. Uncle Thomas already was waiting to the side with his rider-swap ticket and we were planning to let the boys ride again with him since they liked it so much, but as Bryan stepped off the ride, he told the attendant "That was so cool! Can we do it again?!" To which I smiled and replied, "Come on Bryan, we have to let others ride, too."
But the attendant had an even better response! She looked into her apron and gave our sweet boy FIVE more fast-pass tickets for the ride!! So we hopped off the ride and whipped back in line and went for a second ride, courtesy of the ride attendant!
After we rode our second time through, Uncle Thomas, David and the kids rode a third time! We were big fans of the Kali-River Rapids!!
We posed for a couple of pics near the ride of everyone soaked, and then we moved on...
We made our way through the Maharajah Jungle Trek,
and then made a quick pit stop in Dinoland, U.S.A. where the boys rode the Dinosaur ride
and the girls took a ride on the Tricera Top Spin!
After a very brief visit in Dinoland, we headed back to Expedition Everest! On our walk back towards the roller coaster, we were stopepd by a couple of ladies. They gave us two of what appeared to be credit cards and explained that they had just joined the vacation club and that these two cards were each good for 3 free fast pass tickets. (A total of 6!) They told us that they were not going to use them and that they wanted to make sure they got used by someone and we were the lucky ones! :) We gladly accepted and used them (although we held them until tomorrow~Hollywood Studio day).
We finally made it to Expedition Everest. First, Uncle Thomas, Dylan, and I rode the roller coaster. Then, we convinced a very nervous David that the ride wasn't bad at all (it SO was!) and that he should at least give it a try. Dylan was even in on the coaxing. David agreed. He was no a happy camper when he got back. LOL! David is not a roller coaster person and he is not a fan of heights. This ride was an extreme combination of both! Hehe! Ahem. Sorry, not laughing.
From Expedition Everest, we headed towards Tusker House for our lunch reservations. Guess who was late for their lunch reservations? Yes, again! But we got there and we were seated only after a short wait. The restaraunt was different, the server was great, the food was, er, not. But it came with guaranteed seating to the Nemo show, so hey! Who's complaining, right? (Here the girls are giggling with their Uncle while waiting to be seated for lunch.)
After lunch we had a little extra time to spare before the Nemo show, so we went on Kilimanjaro Safari, which the kids absolutely loved and I'm quite sure that Bryan was convincing Lydia that he knew more than the tour guide.

Luckily, the tour was only 2 weeks long, so we got off with plenty of time to spare before the Nemo show. So we posed for a few more pictures,
enjoyed our stroll,
and happened upon Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade.
The kids were very impressed and for the first time Elysa began to dig Mickey. I mean really dig him! ;) We finally (and barely) made it to the Nemo show in time. It was fantastic. Superb! Totally worth the Tusker House visit, even though no one really ate there. LOL! But it was truly, truly an awesome show. No flash photography was allowed so I wasn't able to get very many pictures since I am still a photograpy amateur. :) It was probably better that way. I actually was able to put my camera away and just enjoy the show!
After the Nemo show we headed back to Dinoland where we spent the rest of the day riding rides and playing carnival games to our little hearts' content.

Oh, and we also met Goofy and Pluto just minutes before the park closed!
After posing for an oh-so-cute photo we headed out for the day. After all, the park was closing. And as we were walking out, I realized that we forgot to do "It's tough to be a bug!" I was a little pouty. BUT, as has been the case with most of our trip so far, we lucked up. The cast member at the admission to the "ride" told us we had 5 minutes until the park closed and she let us in. We walked right in and sat down!
We watched the Bug's Life show and headed out. The kids were happy, Uncle Thomas was happy, Mommy & Daddy was happy...Disney Day 3 ~ Animal Kingdom. A family vacation success story! :)