Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Blame Game

I haven't been the greatest blogger lately, but it's not really my fault.

I blame Shutterfly. For having such a great deal on prints that I absolutely had to upload 300-and-something old, old pictures to print off!
I blame the Disney Photopass photographers for taking so many great pics that I had to spend days upon days editing and re-editing pics in order to finally order my Photopass CD.
I blame the month of June, which is oddly about as expensive and hectic as the month of December in our family as we celebrate lots of special birthdays!
I blame t-ball parties, even though I may have missed them because of work.
Aha! I blame work! Because I'm there way more often than I'd like to be!
And speaking of work, I blame this little painting project
that started out as fun, but quickly began to feel very job-esque as it has taken nearly a month to complete (and by complete, I mean run out of paint, not that it's actually completed yet).
I blame the 4th of July and all the cookouts, fireworks, friends and fun that go along with the holiday
because let's face it, who can turn down a grilled burger with friends under a sky full of beautiful fireworks?!
I blame pregnancy.
Ahahahahahaaa! Not mine, sillies! But all of my friends (and some bloggers I stalk) that are with child (or children in one case) keep posting fun ultrasound pics and blog posts that just suck me right in & detain me for hours!

So before we move on, let me clarify...I am not pregnant.

I blame swim time, $2 movies, exercise plans, and lunch dates with friends.
And I blame cute little packages in the mail from friends, because sometimes, inside of these cute packages comes something so treasured that it can be watched over and over and over again and it never gets old. So as you can see, while I have been t-terrible at the upkeep of the blog, it is by no means any fault of my own! :)

On the flip side, I have been working on a post about Day 3. Hopefully it will come to fruition soon! And just in case, something else is to blame that slows me down,'s a sneak peek: A sneek peak. Proof if you will, that I am working on a blog post about Disney's Animal Kingdom. :) IIn fact, it probably would have been done by now if I hadn't stopped to play the Blame Game. And do you know who's fault that is??!!
Why, The Blame Game, of course!
(I am way better at the blame game than I am at blogging! What do you think?) :)


FASHA said...


Crystal M. said...

Oh sure so part of it is my fault I see how it is....LOL! Enjoy ur package and watch it a few more times. Also enjoy ur summer we r trying too.
Hugs, crystal and eva

Grandmommy said...

The Blame Game sounds kind of like Not Me Mondays. I'm happy to see everyone so busy this summer. You better catch up on Disney posts. Soon it will be back to school posts.

Anonymous said...

You all have had a very busy summer, don't see how you got everything done. The whole family has had so much fun. I love the girls bedroom, you did an excellent job.


Amanda said...

All I want to know is, when do you sleep??? I am very ashamed of my "momminess". I can't wait to see the rest of you trip. I also loved seeing you pregnant again :) Such sweet pictures. How I have missed these posts.