Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow ~ A Countdown of Sorts

Ever heard that your child looks just like you and think "no way" but then see pics and realize that he/she really does look just like you? That was the case with me back in May 2009 when I posted these pictures of me and Lydia:

Awe! How cute is that, right?

Well, recently while cleaning out the garage, I ran across a few pics of myself from wayyyy back when and have decided that this is the last of my sweet daughter and I looking alike. I'm taking matters into my own hands. No more looking alike.

What am I talking about you might ask. Well, I have composed for your viewing pleasure, or for your daily laugh~whichever the case, a short countdown of reasons why my daughter and I will cease to look alike in our childhood photos from the age of 4 & beyond.
Those reasons are (in no particular order):

Reason # 8: The Bowl Cut. A haircut that was never intended for girls.
Reason # 7: The poof-top-side-wing-flyback. A haircut that was never intended, period! LOL!
Reason # 6: The "Look Mom! No Hands Hair!" Enough said. (Does anyone else think there is a resemblence between Bryan & me in this picture?")
Reason # 5: The Mullett Perm Combo. I don't think anyone sported that combo as well as I did. Come to think of it, I think I was probably the only person to have ever sported the mullett perm combo!
Reason # 4: The Hot Mess. How else could you define this style?
Reason # 3: The traditional mullett. Just wrong on so many levels.
Reason # 2: The traditional mullett. So wrong, in fact, that I had to include it again in my countdown because apparently it was one of my favorites!
And finally.

Reason # 1 as to why I will have to insist that my daughter not follow in her mother's fashion footsteps: The Mix-N-Match Chop Chop. A haircut perfect for those who can't really decide what style they want. This bargain cut comes complete with miniature bangs (perfect for spiking), lady sideburns and the long layered look in the back. This style combined with the high water jeans, the braces, and the siler slap bracelet creates a look that is sure to have you nominated as "Best Dressed" in your class! Don't be jealous! ;)
So take a good look now, fellow bloggeranianites as the days of my sweet daughter and I looking alike are coming to a close. (that's me~at Lydia's age~ in the center on the back row):


Mom said...

It took my a while to stop laughing this morning to comment. So I must say, this was not all my fault. First, I don't see anything wrong with #8. When you look at the rest, #8 is cute. I really don't know what happened in #4. You better stop calling Lydia a hot mess. By #3, it was all you from there on. Very determined on hair & style as we see in #1. You could write a book, "Don't let this happen to you". When Lydia begins to have her own ideas, just show her these. LOL!!! Just think these were the posed pictures. Imagine what a regular day looked like. I must stop this and go to work. Love you!

Stephanie said...

Hahahahaha! I Love the CHOP CHOP hair!!!
Yes, I see you in Bryan....
Lydia still looks like you. Hair or not.
And why is it that your face hasn't aged since, oh, say 1st grade?!?!?!?!!

Crystal M. said...

Thanks for the giggles!! I have some bad pics as well, I have one where I look like a poodle and anther I look like Jane Brady...lol.

Gloria B said...

OH my.. lol. And this will continue for generations to come. I didn't like my childhood pictures. My kids don't like their childhood pictures. Your kids will not like their childhood pictures.. and soo on and so on.. BUT its family and fashion history in the making..Gotta love it.

Amanda said...

How brave you are to post these for the world to see LOL!!! And yes, Bryan looks like you! I can't believe how you haven't changed in all these years. Wonderful post my friend :)

Suzi said...

Those are GREAT!!! I do not think I would ever be brave enough to post a collage of pics from when I was a kid. It might scare off what is left of my readers! You know, the ones who still come around in hopes that I might have gotten off my lazy bum and posted something! I had some of the same "do's" as you I'm afraid! My big thing was the big front teeth in my pics!!! Scary. My oldest does look like me in some of mine. Maybe one day I will drag out a few and look. Lol, meanwhile thanks for the giggle this morning!