Tuesday, August 3, 2010

This Little Wasp Sting Light of Mine.

Elysa got stung on the thumb yesterday. She was...ummm...trying to pick up a wasp with her bare hands. (??) Clearly, she's not a momma's girl when it comes to fear of bugs and her lack thereof.

Anyhow, poor baby girl was crying and her little thumb was beginning to swell up and I know it had to be throbbing considering that the wasps rear end was nearly the size of her tiny thumb.

She didn't want anyone to touch it, even if it meant that it would help the pain to go away. So the whole family came together to "trick" our littlest Godsey into letting us help her feel better. We mixed up some baking soda paste, put some on our thumbs, and began to sing "This Little Light of Mine", one of Elysa's favorites! She just loves to shout "NO!" after we sing "Hide it under a bushel". After a couple of verses and a little persistence from Daddy, she let us put some on her thumb and she joined right in.

And today, she is doing much, much better. =)


Amanda said...

How sweet!!! You always have such sweet "wound" stories. Mine are screaming and then asking for a batman bandaid. She and Lydia are just dolls.

Mom said...

So glad Elysa is better. Good job with the baking soda paste! I'm so proud.