Thursday, September 9, 2010

Disney Day 5 ~ Epcot.

Seriously?! A month! Has it been a month since I last posted about our Disney vacation? Oh. my. stars!

Moving on.

Disney Day 5. The day we I realized that we weren't going to see it all. We got a late start. The exhaustion was beginning to settle in. The blisters on our feet began to~oh wait, that might be gross. Ahem.
We got to Epcot a little later than normal. Which is late, if you know how we roll. But it worked out nicely. We arrived and as became our routine, we got our group photopass picture at the entrance.And then David and Dylan took off to get us some fast passes for Soarin'. While we waited, Uncle Thomas gave the kids some change to toss into the fountain & make a wish. It was a great idea. The kids loved it! And I'm pretty sure we left an extra $10 for Disney in the fountain that day! :) David and Dylan returned with the Fast Pass tickets and we headed over to Test Track. We rode Test Track and then onto Mission: Space. Unfortunately, Elysa was just a bit too short for the rides, so she and I (and Woody) settled in for a snack while we waited on Lydia and the boys. She didn't mind a bit. She enjoyed her snack
while I played with my camera.
And even though the stand-by line at Test Track said the wait was 35 minutes, the crew was in and out in 10! So, I hopped in line and rode and then we headed over to Coral Reef where we had lunch reservations.
After lunch, we headed back to use our fast passes for Soarin'. We must have picked the best day ever to go to Epcot, because there was minimal wait time at every ride we passed, including The Seas with Nemo & Friends. There was no wait. Elysa was ble to ride. We love Nemo. The ride simply was a must!
It was a very neat little ride. No cameras were allowed on the ride (as with most) but before the announcement came over the speaker, I was able to snap a couple of pictures.
Yes, yes, I know. I am that irritating person on the ride that attempts to use flash photography. I promise I stopped when they announced no flash photography. But I was so glad to get the above picture because it totally explains Elysa's expression in this picture which is still one of my favorites!
After we left the Nemo & Friends ride, that Elysa was disappointed that we couldn't ride again, we had our pics taken with Nemo & Friends.

And then it was off to Soarin' which proved to be everything everyone raved about and more! It was amazing! David, our most conservative thrill seeker (aside from Bryan) afraid of heights and not a fan of roller coasters, loved it. Bryan even loved it after we finally convinced him to ride it!
After we left Soarin' we rode the Living with the Land tour. Twice. (Not my choice, by the way. lol!) But Bryan was insistant on riding it a second time. He acted as Lydia's tour guide the second time and to this day still talks about the cotton he saw
and the enormous pumpkins.
Afterwards we stayed long enough to see some Lion King Circle of Life show before deciding to call it a day. That's right, we never even made it to the other side of the park with all the country pavilions. Didn't even head that way. My family needed a rest and I (the one who absolutely had to see & do EVERYTHING while we were in Disney) obliged.
So we stopped by one of the gift shops and ordered all the kids some Mickey ears and let them spend a little of their spending money before heading back to the busses to the hotel, stopping only to stare in awe of the shimmery pavement that looked as if it was made of gold
and to take one last pic of the huge Epcot ball as we passed under it for last time.
Well, for the last time at least until our next Disney trip!


Crystal M. said...

Well you saw more of Epcot then we did...LOL!! We did not make it there but we will next year!! Again I love your Disney Trip stories keep them coming.

Amanda said...

I have tried for a few days now to post a comment, so here it goes... I can't believe you had to ride Livin with the Land twice LOL. Don't worry about the flash photography, we do that without thinking all the time :) I love Elysa's face after seeing the jellyfish. Such sweet pictures. I hate that you didn't get to see all of Epcot, but that just means that you will have to plan another trip soon, very soon.

Grandmommy said...

Looks like another fun day at Disney. Elysa's expression is priceless. Love the Nemo pictures.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see another Disney Day posted. The pic tell what a wonderful time everyone had. You'll will have a hard time topping this vacation of a lifetime, it was a great experience for the kids. (whatever the age)

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