Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nothing's changed!

Remember this post about Lydia's shenanigans? Well, don't think I haven't been blogging for lack of interesting media, because she's still going strong! I've just become kinda ::cough:: addicted ::cough:: to Facebook and have consequently neglected this here blog. But some things are just so great that they simply cannot go un-blogged. Like this most recent episode when Lydia came home from Cosmetology School daycare with this note and corresponding lock of hair:

Okie dokie! Looks like she's mastered "cutting skills"! LOL! Some things just never change! :)


Amanda said...

LOL! I have missed seeing the tales from the Godseys. Lydia is just following in her mother's footsteps in the hair cutting venue. Hopefully when she cuts her best friend's hair, she'll manage to leave her friend's clothes intact :)

Crystal M. said...

LOL!!! PRICELESS!! I love how your kids keep you on your toes. Its so funny I think you can write a book. I think the book would be awesome and mom would read it and chuckle because they know they have had that happen to them at some point.

Grandmommy said...

At least she didn't do but a snip. It could have been a lot worse. (check out your professional cut childhood photos) LOL! I love it!