Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Say Ch-Ch-Ch-Cheese!

Last weekend our good friend, Shonna, met us out in Arlington to have some family pictures made.

It was cold.
Elysa didn't really cooperate. I think it was because she was cold. We were all cold, actually. Which is why all the boys had their sweaters zipped up to their chins! Which is a shame really, since I shopped for weeks for coordinating outfits and they end up covering up their matching red undershirts. But that's okay, I suppose. Since it was like 30 degrees with tornadic wind gusts. I think they did pretty good pretending not to be cold. And we did get this one great shot right off the bat, so who can really complain when you walk away with a pic this great?!


Grandmommy said...

Great pics. I need a set to show off. Love the RR tracks.

Anonymous said...

The pictures are wonderful, so glad you posted them for me to see. You did a great job on the outfits and everyone looks so handsome.


Crystal M. said...

I love the pics!!!! I feel so special I got one on my christmas card!!

Crystal and Eva