Saturday, March 12, 2011

Suspension suspense

D is for Dangerous~How they describe my baby boy.

Y is for Year~The punishment for disassembling this toy!
L is for Livid~My reaction to this.
A is for Absolute Ridiculousness!

N is for Never again~which will be the next time
Shelby County Schools will wrong this baby of mine.

If you're not on facebook, first let me say: "Get out from under that rock!" ;) J/K, J/K. But if you have somehow missed our situation, the short version is this:

Our 8-year-old was suspended on March 2 for "Possession of a Weapon on School Property". His weapon of choice: A broken pencil sharpener (since when the pencil sharpener is broken it contains a tiny "blade" that is used to sharpen the pencil tip). Dylan was never seen nor caught with the blade, but the little boy who was caught with it, told the teacher that Dylan was among many students that passed it around the room that day. When questioned about it, Dylan did admit to having had the pencil sharpener pieces in his desk at one point in the day and was therefore suspended for 180 days for a "crime" he was never observed committing. The lesson my baby boy learned in all of this totally contradicts everything his father and I have taught him about telling the truth. He has learned that it doesn't pay to be truthful. Another student who was observed by a teacher with the "blade" was suspended but her parents have since had some political connections argue on her behalf that she "was never in possession of the pencil sharpener pieces" and her suspension was reversed the very next day. It was expunged from her record and she was allowed to go back to class! We refuse to take the dishonest route. God's Word tells us in Psalms 34:13 to "Keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies". Honesty has always been a basic principle in our family and it will continue to be. Since this school system rewards dishonesty and punishes those who are truthful, we have decided to take over schooling our children ourselves. We have worked very hard to instill biblical principles in our children's hearts and we do not intend to send them off to be taught otherwise by the government for 8 hours a day. I will do my best to update this blog regularly as an advocate for homeschooling and as we transition from a government-run, secular education to a God-fearing, Bible-centered education. We appreciate your encouragement as we make this enormous transition.
All for HIS glory!


Mrs. Confident said...

Girl, missed you in blogging land! I'm glad you're back, but I've changed my blog address again. That stupid school teacher trying to stay "hidden" on the world wide web. Anyway, praying for you guys, but lucky for you...if you need "expert" advice you know a fabulous fourth grade teacher who is a wealth of knowledge. I don't mind helping you with anything you need for Dylan next year. For example, did you know there are FOUR WAYS to work a double digit by double digit multiplication problem? Oh yes, I am awesome at tips and tricks. Glad you guys are working it all out!


Crystal M. said...

Of Course I read this on facebook but I am glad to see you on the blog world again. I think if I was in your shoes I would have done the samething and I hope and pray it all works out for you. I agree, the school went WAY To far and its sad the other family got away with what they got away with. I have also told my kids honesty is the best and sometimes it sucks when things like this happen. I have more respect for you (not that I didnt have it before) for homeschooling your kids, I am not sure how I would ever do that with mine.
Bless you,
PS Since the kids are not in public school and you are homeschool you should plan a trip to Chicago and see all the wonderful history and muesums (oh and this wonderful family that lives near there..hee hee!!)

Grandmommy said...

The child who is back in school did not get away with anything. Maybe right now but not forever. You & David have done a wonderful job raising my grandchildren and I am so proud of Dylan. I'm looking forward to what God has in store for this family.