Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tour de la Schoolroom

i thought it might be fun (or at least awe-inspiring) to post a quick run down of just how much God has blessed our decision follow His lead as we begin the journey to homeschool.

just as a point of reference, it was only 2 short months ago that this room was Dylan & Bryan's joint bedroom. it looked kinda like this:

since then, we have been scouting, collecting, painting, organizing, researching, and studying homeschooling options. and while we have been doing all of that, God has provided us with a nearly fully-furnished schoolroom. it has been unbelievable to say the least!

here's the current view of the schoolroom as you look in from the door:

and here's the view from the back of the schoolroom looking back towards the door we just walked in (the door is outside of the view of this picture, but it's just around that corner on the left of the pic).
So here's what we paid out of pocket to transform this room into what you see now:

The desks were donated to our schoolroom.

I found some here for $30.10/each (plus $103.85 for shipping)
Total savings: $224.75

The teacher's desk was purchased off of Craig's List for $35.

I found one here for $319.00 (plus $117.75 for shipping)

Total savings: $401.75

The Encyclopedias (both sets) were donated to our schoolroom by my wonderful mom!
I found a set here for $408.07 (although I'm sure it can be found cheaper)

Total savings: $200-$400

The book case was donated by my mom. Not sure how much it cost her back when she bought it, but we are so very grateful to have had that donated to our room. :)

The globe was a gift (for a birthday I think) when I was a child. It's been at my mom's house ever since I moved out, so it felt like a donation when we were recently reunited. (like me & the globe, not me & my mom. We were never un-united) :)

The chairs? You guessed it! Another donation.

I found some here for $23.88/each (plus $59.59 for shipping)

Total savings: $155.11

The white boards you see were both donations. In addition, I have one other one that was donated, but I am currently working on that one. (It will be our Expedition Earth board).
You can find white boards all over the internet, and they are not cheap. So for our sake, I'll say

Total savings: $Hundreds (you get the point)

The Utility/Media Cart in the picture was donated by a dear friend.

I found one here for $169.23 (who knows how much shipping)

Total savings: More than $169.23!

The wall art (ABC train, Parts of Speech posters) were all donated by church family.

The clock over the with Toy Story 3 Disney DVD BluRay combo pack.

The Scripture over the teacher's desk we actually paid for, but I hosted a party so I got a nice little discount on that purchase. It says, "Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

In all, we paid for the paint colors, the teacher's desk, the ABC mat you see on the floor by the reading corner, and the curriculum.

God is so good!

Hope you have enjoyed taking a peek around our beginning-to-come together schoolroom!


Sara said...

It looks fantastic!

Amanda said...

It looks amazing. It is just so inviting. I love their desks!!! You have done a wonderful job. You and David are going to be beyond blessed in having this extra time with your children and to see how quickly your relationship with them will become closer than before. It is such a blessing for me to see all of this fall into place for you. What a testimony and encouragement you are giving to us!

Mom said...

You know it was God's plan for this to happen. You couldn't have done it this well on your own. Glad I could help. Love ya'll