Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Expedition Earth: China

Ni hao! And welcome to our Expedition Earth: China week. The kids and I had a great time this week "travelling" to China and learning about the people there.

Here are some of the things we did this week while "in" China:

~ We learned about passports and how to use them.

~ We got our passports stamped when we entered and left the country.

~ We located China and pointed it out on the map (along with the 7 continents and the 5 oceans).

~ We read about and learned interesting facts about the Great Wall of China.

~ We built our own tiny replica of the Great Wall.
~ We learned how to say "hello" in Mandarin Chinese, the official language of China.

~ We learned about China's geography, climate, crops, capital city, population & government.

~ We learned about how Christians have been persecuted in China and how God is Sovereignly growing the Christian population in China despite the Communist government shutting down the country to Christianity and forcing missionaries to leave the country.

~ We learned about tooth fairy traditions in China and how they are completely different than our traditions here in America.

~ We learned about a few of the animals in China, and completed a lapbooking component for that lesson.

~ We completed a mapping activity and learned about the flag of China and what it stands for.

~ We had a Chinese dinner of fried rice and ate (or at least we tried to eat) with chop sticks.

~ We learned about the Huang He and the Yangtze Rivers and how the continental divide on each continent determines which direction the rivers will flow.

~ We completed prayer cards for China, its government, and its people to remind us to pray specifically for them each day.

Will you join us in prayer for China? You can pray that:

1 - Many people in China will come to know Christ.

2 - Schools and seminaries there would be equipped to teach young pastors Biblical truth.

3 - Bibles would be made available to all who desire to have one. (China is now printing Bibles in their country, but there are not nearly enough for everyone who wants one.)

4 - The leaders of the government would come to know Christ as Lord.

And this upcoming week...we're headed to South Korea! :)