Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I started a new journey as an Independent Creative Partner with Initials, Inc. I am so, so excited about the opportunity to work for myself (albeit part-time) marketing a product that I think is incredible!

I am so excited to get started on my journey, but I need your help to make it a success!

First, click on the link to my storefront on the right hand side of the screen and check out the oh-so-cute products.

Then, consider whether or not you would be willing t0 host a show: it could be a catalog party, an online party, or a home party.

Plan to attend my kick-off party on Saturday, February 18 at my home. No pressure to buy anything, and no formal sales pitch. Just come by check out the products, look through the catalogs, and tell me what you think. My home will be open from 2-5pm and snacks will be provided.

Finally, and most importantly, please commit to pray for me as I take on this new business. Specific prayer requests include: 1 - that at all times I would be mindful that I exist to bring glory to God and that I will remember that during every single business transaction and at every party. 2 - that I will not intentionally or unintentionally make my family feel second place to this business. 3 - that God would bless this business as a way for me to ultimately be able to afford to stay home with the kids and be more successful with our homeschooling journey, all of which we pray will glorify Him.

Thank you in advance for loving on me and my family during this uncertain, yet exciting new journey! I appreciate your friendships more than you know!

Monday, February 6, 2012

I want... start blogging again. have something spectacular to blog about. change the name of my blog.

...your suggestions about what I could name this blog. be a stay at home mom. be content where God puts me. Even if it means that I have to continue to working for the time being. learn to be thankful for the ONLY 24 hours a day I have to accomplish my tasks rather than thinking God's plan could use a little tweaking (like longer days), because we all know God's plan is always perfect.