Monday, September 24, 2012

If my blog were a book,

it would probably have a Table of Contents somewhere close to the beginning. Since February, when I wrote this post, I have really done some thinking and have realized that I have MUCH to blog about. Some things new, some things not so new. As I have pondered the many great things the LORD has done for us, I have often thought "That would make a great blog post". Many times these days, my husband will ask me "What are you thinking about?" to which my response is almost always "Oh, just thinking about blogging". Some of the things that have crossed my imaginary Table of Contents include:
  • The Great House Swap of 2011
  • Living the Simple Life
  • Dylan, Bryan, Lydia & Elysa-isms
  • God's Design for Marriage and our Response as His children
  • Debt, getting out of it, avoiding it, and encouraging others to do the same
  • Raising Arrows: Biblical Parenting
  • Scripture Memorization Techniques we use
  • Nightmares of Pool Ownership
  • Our Homeschool Days
  • Minor Home Improvements
  • Quitting Your Job
  • Raising a Large Family on a Small-Family Budget
  • My Life after Tubal Ligation
  • Radical Obedience
  • Life Lessons: Advice to Myself
  • Having JOY in your Christian Journey
  • Some of My Favorite Things
  • When Real Life Doesn't Make Sense on Paper
If my blog were a book, you could skim the table of contents and choose which chapter sounds appealing to read. But since it's not, you'll just have to check in to see when that chapter "shows up". On special days, you might stumble upon a "guest post" from one of my "Arrows". :) Thanks for dropping by! I look forward to hearing from you!

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