Monday, October 15, 2012

Just another manic Monday

Today was our first day back to school after a 12 day temporary hiatus that we'll call "Fall Break" for the sake of keeping things simple. Today, however, was anything but simple. I feel like we had 12 days worth of work to catch up on! Really, we did not. We are completely on schedule and rockin' this school year. I suppose with 3 kids in 3 different grades and a pre-schooler who repeats the phrase "Mommy, what can I do?" every half hour, there's just gonna be days where the schoolwork just seems to go on, and on, and on. And on. We threw in the towel at 5 tonight without finishing. We lacked Science and Geography for the boys, but I suppose we can catch up on those subjects tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, have I ever mentioned that Tuesdays are my craziest day when it comes to school. Mondays are really my only "normal" days. But aside from drama class on Thursdays, basketball on Fridays, and wrapping things up in time to get everyone ready for church on time on Wednesday nights, Tuesdays are really probably my most crazy of days. Tuesdays are ballet day for the girls and due to our extreme perfection in timing the births of our children, none of our children are ever in the same age group when it comes to extra curricular activities which means that on Tuesdays, I get to sit with little quiver full for two hours while each of the girls take their turn in their hour-long ballet class. It is so worth it, though, because the girls absolutely love it. 

The tough part about Tuesdays is that not only do we lose 2 hours of instruction time, we also are unable to have our morning devotion and prayer time like we do every other school day because we have to begin getting ready much earlier than usual which throws our whole routine off. We do get to devotion and prayer, it is just normally in the afternoon, after ballet but before lunch, which sometimes causes the kids' attention span to shorten and the devotion time to feel rushed. Ah, Tuesdays. I could go on. But alas! I think I have found the answer to my Tuesday troubles. Enter my Pinterest inspired "Tuesday Folders":

Now, all of my school-aged babies have their own "Tuesday Folders" that they can take with them when we head out to ballet. They can see (in fun colors) all of their assignments laid out in their own folders and can work on their assignments (that do not require teacher instruction) at their own pace. Then, as they complete each assignment, they can move their post-it note for that assignment over to the "completed" column. I am hoping that this will 1 - encourage them to do their assignments in a timely manner by giving them a sense of accomplishment each time they are able to take one assignment and move it out of the way and 2 - make a more wise use of my time as I will be better able to give guidance to each student on their assignments rather than spending most of my time with a line of children waiting on me to get done teaching one child while the others are waiting to see what they need to do next.  

Then comes the really cool part. At the end of the day, when we are done with school, I will simply move the post it flags from their "completed" column into my planner so that I don't have to write in what we accomplished that day, because, well, it's already been done! I think I'm gonna liiiike it!

And now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go finish cooking dinner. At 10:15pm. And to think,  5 minutes ago I referred to Mondays as my only truly "normal" day. What was I thinking! :)