Friday, October 5, 2012

Life Lessons: Serving Others Over Self

If there's one thing I want to teach my children it's that there are always opportunities to serve others and that as Christians we need to have a heart of service. Now that I am at home with the kids during the day, it is much easier to find and pursue some of these opportunities to serve others. Today, for example, the kids and I had the opportunity to "tithe" some of our time to the church. We took a portion of the time that God has so graciously given us together and gave it back to Him in the form of service to His children. We spent an hour today at the church stuffing bulletins for this upcoming Sunday with the sermon note outlines and other leaflet inserts. While it may not seem like much, the kids and I took the opportunity to talk about how the Kingdom of God is most efficient not by having a few people doing lots of major things, but when everyone participates even if the task seems minor and unnoticed.
The kids and I stuffed 600 bulletins with inserts today and while the kids did have a few moments where they would have rather been doing something else, the overall experience was one that I know I will treasure forever in my heart. My only regret is that I did not sooner realize the blessings I was missing out on with my children while I was desperately chasing the American Dream, building a future of financial security for myself, and worshipping the idol of prosperity. Those are not the values I want to teach my children. 
I want my children and others to see that the most important thing I desire in life is not having a cushy retirement, a nice 401K, a vacation home, or retiring at the age of 46. I want the world to see that the joy of living a life for Christ and serving others is far more fulfilling and I want my children to learn that even without money in the bank, we have a lot to give and we should be able to cheerfully give what we do have whether it is time, money or talents. Today marked the beginning of a new journey for us as we aim to stay focused on being about the Lord's work. Without a doubt, it is through the commitment of others to that work that the Holy Spirit got my attention. I can only hope that the Holy Spirit would use me to reach other souls, my children included, for His glory!

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Grandmommy said...

I will think about those precious hands stuffing my bulletin this Sunday at church service. Something we always take for granted.