Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Things bored people do

This may be hard to believe, but i promise it is a true story:

Several days ago, I logged in to my computer to find the results of a google search for "what to do when bored" displayed on the screen. I will admit, a teensy, tinsy bit of my heart was saddened at the thought that I was boring someone in my pack to the point of googling a solution. Wow!

Before I decided to investigate further to find out which one of my babies is bored to the point of internet research, I decided to go ahead and read through a few of the top hits on the search. Some of the articles were quite interesting, but really offered no practical advice. However, one of the blog posts really caught my attention mainly because it was written by a mother who decided recently to homeschool her children so that they would be bored. I promise I could not make this stuff up. Go ahead! Google it! Anyhow, after I read the article I noticed that she had something like 50 comments and I thought, "Who in the world would have something to say about a mom who has chosen to school her own children so that they would be able to experience boredom?" My curiosity got the best of me and I ended up spending quite some time on her blog reading through the comments and one of the comments recommended she check out Kelly Kits for her kids on days they did not welcome the boredom.

Kelly Kits? I had never heard of Kelly Kits. So when I visited their website I was quite impressed with what I saw! So much so, that I was just about to sign myself up for a membership when I came to my senses and thought: "We can't afford this!" Don't get me wrong, I think Kelly has come up with a brilliant, unique idea to market, and if we had the expendable income that we could spend $20 a month so that each child could do an art project I very well might do that. The fact is that we simply cannot.

What I can afford to do is put together a few little kits myself for my children, which is exactly what I did this past Thursday. I gave each of the kids a piece of construction paper that was pre-cut into the shape of a face and several different crafting supplies that we had on hand here at our boring ol' house along with and a stick of glue. Their instructions were to make a face using only the paper they had and the supplies they were given. The only restriction was that they could not use any drawing tools (crayons, pencils, pens, markers, etc.) They strictly had to collage the supplies they had onto the face.

The project went remarkably well! The kids were very creative with their faces, kind with sharing their supplies with one another and thankful when it was finished that they had the opportunity to do something different in class that day.

Bryan even told me "That was really fun Mommy!" which restored me to a sense of ease, because well, who really wants the "Boring Mom of the Year" award?

Here is a picture of each of the kids with their finished faces:

I think they turned out great as did this rubber band ball made my by sweet firstborn. Who, I might add, is no longer bored. :)