Sunday, January 6, 2013

3 down, 1 on stand by and 46 to go!

Recently, the kids and I went on an impromptu lunch date with some dear friends. We went to Lambert's about 2.5 hours away. It was kinda crazy how it all came about. The night before, we had decided after some very poor planning on my part to drive up to see a very precious internet friend of mine, Crystal Masionis, who was at the time, dying of cancer. She has since went on to be with the Lord and is now free from that nasty disease. But as I was mentioning, my planning was terrible and as it turned out, we did not have the money for me to make the trip up to see her at that moment, and I would save up to go see her at a later date. That never happened. To this day I regret not lacing up the boots and saying "Let's make this happen." And just doing whatever it took to see her, but we really had no idea how pressing the matter was because, let's be honest, we were all hoping she was gonna hang around a little bit longer. Crystal was a fighter. Everyone that knows her knows that she was a fighter, so it was not an uncommon thought that "I'll just come next week instead". This time, though, God's plan involved just a very brief fight at the end from Crystal. It was clear that He was ready for this saint to come home. Her mission here on earth had been completed. And she did it well as I posted about that several years ago when her health was strong. Well, clearly I digress.

So after I decided we would not be able to afford to go up north to meet Crystal at that time, we had already told the kids we were going on a vacation, so they would have been bummed if we did not do anything that day. So we decided to take them to Lamberts. As we crossed over into the Missouri state line, I immediately wanted to pull over and get some pics of my kids by the state sign. Probably just because it was funny that we went 2 states away just to eat lunch and come back. So we did. It was a cute picture of All the kids that we had with us except Elysa who refused to get in the picture.

Well, whatever sparked the idea to take the pics by the state signs is responsible for all future photos as well as these next two. The Mississippi picture was taken when we were headed back home from visiting the Church of Brook Hills in Alabama. No, we did not get a picture with the Alabama sign. The kids who had been bickering, were asleep at that point. It was worth driving right past it to get us a little closer to the house. :)

This last picture was from our most recent vacation to East Tennessee and the North Carolina Mountains. We had so much fun. We visited with family, we snow tubed, we did some shopping, and we ate at some pretty great places. Oh! And we took pictures with another state sign.

An adorable picture if I do say so myself. So what started out as something just to be funny, has turned into a family tradition. We love taking our pics with the state signs. And we all have the hopes that one day we'll have visited the whole country and with photos to prove it!

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to wrangle up enough of my family to get down to the Tennessee state sign. There is no reason that one shouldn't be at the top of the list.


Leah said...

My thing is taking pictures by state park and national park signs. I don't have state signs, but I have tons of pictures of Christopher & I in front of "Yellowstone Park", "Glacier National Park", "Natchez Trace", etc. It drives him CRAZY, but we always get out to do it anyway. Poor Micah!

Mom said...

When you get to the Hawaii & Alaska sign, I'll be glad to go and take the picture of everyone.