Sunday, January 6, 2013

A family closet for six, please.

That title cracks me up. I've realized that I have such a "mommy" mentality when the idea of building a new closet in our home excites me more than the possibility of getting to go out for a date night.

Well, maybe not. I really love date nights with my hubby, but I tell ya, I am pretty stoked about this closet. I asked my husband about 3 months ago to let me enclose a portion of our garage, since we don't park our vehicles in there, and make it a large family closet. Much to my delight, he agreed.

Today, I actually went and purchased the 2 x 4's to frame a wall that will be used to divide the garage in half. The rear half will become our new closet and will be the new home for ALL of our family's clothing, shoes, undergarments, bedsheets, coats, and any other linens. Basically, if it goes in the washing machine, then dryer, it will eventually end up in this closet. No more separating all the clothes and running them all over the house with every load of laundry I wash. No more washing clothes that fall down in the closet, but were never worn, just because it is easier for my kids to throw them in a hamper than to hang them back up. No more putting the off-season clothes in plastic tubs and then in the attic every few months because there is no closet space for them. No more storing beloved hand-me-downs in containers then forgetting about them until my kids have outgrown them. I am so optimistic that this closet will solve all of these problems and give us a little extra breathing room in our tiny 3 bedroom 2 bath home at the same time.

I haven't taken any pictures yet, but I will most definitely take before, during and after photos for this DIY project. I'm sure it will be interesting. Hopefully it will be interesting in a good way, though, and not "interesting" like Friday was when I got so tired of telling the kids to quit slamming the door to their bedroom that I ended up taking the door to the girls' room off the hinges and put it in the garage. Nothing like having your husband come in the door after a long day of work and asking "So, um, why is there a door in the garage?"

Ahhh, good times!

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Anonymous said...

Your kids are soo funny and I am sure they keep you on your toes. Hayden sure has grown close to yall. And I am glad you got your closet...