Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Friends, Fun Questions & No Pictures

Today was a beautiful day. It was almost 60 degrees outside, so we spent some much-needed time outside running off pent up energy. Per the state of TN, the kids only have to have 1 hour of P.E. a week. I am pretty sure we got a full month's worth of credit in this afternoon! It was just that nice outside.

I have pics, but my computer is a little quirky and has decided that it is on vacation this week, so I'm hoping that it will soon come back to "work" so I can upload a few pictures that I have taken. Blog posts are always more fun to read when there are pics that go along.

Anyhow, while we were outside today, the boys got to play with a new neighborhood friend and I got to meet his mother. It's been a year since we have lived in our new home and we are still meeting new friends.


The really cool thing about this new (to me) neighbor is that she recently resigned from her job the same month that I resigned from mine. We both resigned to be stay at home moms. Even more awesome than that is that before she resigned, she was a teacher at the school that my kids went to when the whole suspension issue happened. Once I mentioned it, she immediately knew who we were. I don't know whether to be happy or embarrassed about this tidbit of information. I mean it was nice to be able to talk to someone who kinda had some background about why we are not fans of public schools without having to tell of our horrifying experience but at the same time I know I behaved like a mad woman during that ordeal. Who knows what people think of me! LOL!

But as the conversation carried on, New Neighbor Friend began asking me a few things about home schooling and mentioned that she was considering that option for her child.

I was honored to be able to answer a few questions, and in return she offered some valuable teaching ideas from a former-teacher's perspective on some of the stuff I am kinda struggling with in the teaching department. It turned out to be a very productive meeting!

I am well aware that I am still a home school rookie, but I finally understood the eagerness that all the other home school moms had when I would ask them questions when I was considering the option for my children. I was through the roof excited when I had the chance to answer some of her questions. I just hope I didn't scare her.

She asked the all famous "what about socialization" question to which I responded something like "It's not so much the socialization that I struggle fitting in, it's usually the actual schoolwork we really have a hard time finding time for." I then proceeded to tell her about our social calendar that looks kinda like this:

  • Monday - Basketball games for D
  • Tuesday - ballet practice for L & E 
  • Wednesday - Mission Friends, GAs and RAs
  • Thursday - Drama Practice for D, B, & L  
  • Thursday - Bible Drill for an hour for D & B
  • Thursday - Evening Basketball games for B
  • Friday - Basketball Practice for D & B
  • Friday - Occasional evening game for D
  • Saturday - Morning basketball games for B & D
  • Sunday - Church
I also keep an extra child in the home and we also play outside with neighborhood friends any chance we get, so I would venture to say that we are fairly squared away when it comes to being socialized and that my children really do not miss out in that area because they are not in government run public institutions. 

Then she asked "How much does it cost?" My response: "$54,000 and 95 dollars per child each year."

Her reaction was priceless. :) Once she realized that it was technically only about $95 per child per school year. The other $54,000 is what I gave up each year to be able to stay home to teach & love on  my babies.

Worth every penny. Every bit of it. Worth every penny.