Monday, January 7, 2013

The proof is in the pictures

I would not be the first mother in the world who has claimed that her husband is the best father in the world. And I'm pretty sure I won't be the last. However, I seriously doubt that many mothers could provide a muster of photographic evidence to support their claim. Today, friends, I have done just that. I now present to you proof of just how awesome of a daddy my husband is. 

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago when my daughters had "Mommy and Me" day at ballet. Yes, I said mommy and me. Our girls are in two separate age groups in ballet so in order for the both of them to have their mommy at "Mommy and me" day, I would have had to do back-to-back classes of ballet for two hours. While this is not impossible, I can tell you from last year's experience that it is far from enjoyable. After about 15 minutes I was sweating, my muscles were cramping and I'm pretty sure I broke both of my big toes. 

This year, my oh-so-charming husband agreed to take on "Mommy and Me" day with our oldest daughter so I would only have to do one hour of ballet. I must say, he held nothing back. Ha! Here he is warming up by doing leg raises. Please take note that he is smoking the mommies. LOL! I was laughing so hard! He's such a good sport.

After the warm up, the mommies practiced their Arabesques. Again my precious hubmeister took his form very seriously.  

Then the finale: All the mommies gathered around in a circle with their daughters and together they would run from one side of the circle to the other and do a "puddle jump" at the halfway point. The cool thing about this picture is that it shows that my husband was not the only daddy there. A fact that really helped him relax and just enjoy his time with Lydia.

He completed every thing asked of him, even when they had to do the splits at the end. He tried his best. At the beginning he tried his best to avoid being in the lens of the camera, but he quickly realized that I had no shame when it came to capturing these moments on camera. I would just run right out in the middle of the floor to get a good snapshot. At that point, he just tried his best at ballet.

He is such a trooper. A great husband. The world's greatest daddy. Bar none. :)

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Mom said...

And it worked in so well with the 12 Days of Christmas when he had "9 ladies dancing". lol! He really is a good sport.